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"So pleased to discover... the relief I felt from my foot and knee pain was instant."

"I am so pleased to have come across Soothe Insoles. I walk, in walking boots, almost every day of my life, as we are house and pet sitters. We usually walk our dog 'customers' twice a day, so tough walking boots are an essential part of our kit. Boots can be pretty tough on feet sometimes, but the Soothe Insoles massaging insoles make them feel as comfortable as my slippers."  - Debra (Pet Sitter), France

"My Soothe Insoles have eased the pain in my feet. I suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia and find that with Soothe Insoles therapeutic insoles I can walk so much better."  - Tracy, Notts

"Love my Soothe Insoles!  After doing a 13 hour shift my legs and feet used to ache so much, not any more. Fab product!" - Sam (Health Care Worker), Devon

"Thanks for my Soothe Insoles. They really are amazing, I am jumping for joy! - Alan (Airline Cabin Crew), London

"I wear Soothe Insoles every day and they are excellent all round, many thanks." - Michael (Retail Store Manager) Manchester

"Soothe Insoles therapeutic massaging insoles are very comfortable." - Alan, Bakewell

"Now I have Soothe Insoles superb insoles in my shoes I can walk free from discomfort". - Tony, Spain

"They have changed my life! Before finding Soothe Insoles my foot pain was so bad I had difficulty walking, now I wear Soothe Insoles all the time and can walk for miles." - Diane, Torquay

Wearing Soothe Insoles therapeutic insoles is like having reflexology in your shoes." - Sue (Holistic Therapist), West Midlands

"Soothe Insoles are great with flat shoes, I am constantly on my feet and wear them all day, every day." - Gillian (Hairdresser), Altrincham

"I found Soothe Insoles a bit strange at first but the relief in my aching feet was wonderful and I soon got used to them, so much so that I now wear them all the time." - Frank (Engineer) Cheshire

"Soothe Insoles are so comfy! I like nothing better than to go for long walks in the country and Soothe Insoles have given a new lease of life to my old walking boots." - April, Wilmslow

"Improved balance during recreational activity, minor sciatic pain reduced. Helped with turn and finish position when playing golf." - Mike (Amateur Golfer), Manchester

"I found some relief from my osteo-arthritis and fibromyalgia when wearing Soothe Insoles amazing insoles. The improvement in my posture took the ache away from the ball of my feet." - Fiona (Nurse), Sale

"My circulation and balance have improved whilst wearing Soothe Insoles massaging insoles, I find it easier when walking and they are so good for use in outdoor shoes I wouldn't leave home without my Soothe Insoles." - Pete, Chorlton

"My feet are no longer aching!" I work long shifts and would highly recommend Soothe Insoles to anyone who is on their feet all day. I have bought several pairs of Soothe Insoles for myself and my family and they are great. My wife was most upset when I gave one of her pairs of Soothe Insoles to my sister, please let me have two more pairs as soon as possible! - Kevin, (Security Guard) Bolton

"Soothe Insoles are so, so comfy!" - Helen, West Didsbury

Please send me two more pairs of Soothe Insoles. Once again, I'll say how good they are. They have taken the pressure off my feet and I can now walk a lot better, thank you." - Jean, Leeds

"I was so pleased to discover Soothe Insoles therapeutic insoles, the relief I felt from my foot and knee pain was instant. In fact, I was so impressed by Soothe Insoles that (like Victor Kiam) I bought the company! I am now able to share the secret of Soothe Insoles with everyone." - David, (Soothe Insoles Director) Chorlton

"Soothe Insoles therapeutic massaging insoles have really soothed my tired, aching feet. They are so comfortable I wear them all the time and now have seriously happy feet. Soothe Insoles are washable and hygienic and very easy care. Try Soothe Insoles and you will soon be walking back to happiness!" - Kim, (Soothe Insoles Director) Manchester

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